We do not pour beer, we draw it!

In three styles

Mlíko = ± 0,25 l styl čepování: mlíko

A glass is filled to the brim with beer froth. The dense froth is very compact and liquid, which is why it reminds one of milk at first glance. It must be drunk quickly before it turns into beer and is notable for its sweet taste with low bitterness. This is why Mlíko is popular with the ladies.

Šnyt = 0,25 l

Here we quote Karel Čapek: “If a beer drinker does not want to drink but only quench his thirst, then he does not order a small beer, which would be embarrassing, but he orders a šnyt.” This is a small beer with a rich head in a half litre glass. The glass is 1/3 beer, 1/3 head and 1/3 remains empty.

Hladinka = 0,45 l

A Large beer with the head right to the brim of the glass, all tapped in one pull. The result is a beer of perfect temperature, with the right ratio of beer to creamy head. Never tapped in two pulls.

Hladinka is served as standard unless otherwise stated or asked!