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1. Basic information

The websites - www.sou100zizkov.cz - are operated by IN CATERING s.r.o., Libocká 10/64, Liboc, 162 00 Praha 6, IČ: 63072572. In compliance with Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright and on Amendment to Certain Acts (the Copyright Act), as amended, In Catering is entitled to exercise its proprietary rights related to the websites.

In Catering hereby issues the conditions for use of www.sou100zizkov.cz websites ("Conditions"). The Conditions apply to anyone who uses or intends to use the websites mentioned above.

2. Use of the www.sou100zizkov.cz websites

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In Catering hereby gives consent to use of information presented on the said websites.

It is forbidden to interfere with the technical substance or contents of www.sou100zizkov.cz websites without express consent obtained from In Catering. In Catering reserves the right to make decisions about modifications or removal of any part of the websites.

3. Limitation of Liability of In Catering

Certain information published on www.sou100zizkov.cz websites is obtained from third-party sources, considered trustworthy by In Catering. In Catering is not responsible for the third-party information being accurate, complete and up-to-date.

In Catering is not responsible for any possible damages caused by use of the www.sou100zizkov.cz websites.

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5. Final Provisions

Publishing any data or information on the website operated by In Catering s.r.o. does not have the characteristics of any legal act resulting in legal relationship between In Catering and the user, unless otherwise stated in individual cases. The Conditions may be amended or supplemented by In Catering only.

The Terms of Use of www.sou100zizkov.cz websites are effective as of the day they have been published. These terms were published 15. 4. 2019.